Clients and Publications

  • Vogue Brazil
  • Vogue Mexico
  • Vogue Taiwan
  • Harper's Bazaar Brazil
  • Harper's Bazaar Thailand
  • Harper's Bazaar Kazakhstan
  • Harper's Bazaar Serbia
  • Estée Lauder
  • Dior
  • Bulgari
  • Mikimoto
  • Elle Indonesia
  • L'Officiel Kazakhstan
  • Esquire Singapore
  • Elle Croatia
  • Galore Magazine
  • Lui
  • Sony Records
  • Atlantic Records
  • ICB
  • Lua Luá
  • LOB Moda
  • Schön! Magazine
  • Wonderland Magazine
  • Factice Magazine
  • Hearst 8 x 10 Photography Biennial


Chris Vongsawat (VONG - SA - WAT) is a fashion filmmaker and photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Chris started his career in filmmaking and photography taking photos in Afghanistan. In 2008, as an officer in the US Army, he was deployed as a military advisor to the Afghan National Army as part of Operation Enduring Freedom VII. There, he documented the various aspects of his tour--convoys, soldiers, the Afghan landscape and its people. His images of the war were featured as part of the 2009 Hearst 8 x 10 Photography Biennial and were also on display in galleries such as the Alexey Brodovitch Gallery in Hearst Tower, the Powerhouse Arena, and The National Veterans Art Museum. 

After being honorably discharged from the military in late 2009, Chris began getting involved in the filmmaking industry in NYC. Starting out as a photographer shooting production stills, he began working on video as a camera assistant, then camera operator, and eventually as a director of photography on various music videos, short films, and other video projects. He eventually made his way into the fashion industry where the majority of his work is focused.

Since 2010, Chris has been shooting a combination of fashion films, campaigns and commercial videos for various clients, collaborators, and publications.